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anne brown ceramics

handmade stoneware pottery

My wonderful Mum introduced me to pottery when I was six years of age. She took me with her to 'Night School' back in the 1960's when 'Night School' was a very good thing.  

When I left school I went to study ceramics and gained a degree in 3D Design Ceramics.  After happily teaching in London for most of my adult life I opted for a change in pace and moved to rural South West Scotland, where I walk and make pottery. 
I use a combination of throwing and hand building.  I often decorate my pottery with a ‘sprigged’ animal or Celtic Knot motif.  Sprigging is a technique for decorating pottery with low relief shapes made separately from the main body and applied before firing.  I usually 'pull' the handles on the mugs I make, but some of the handles have been embossed with a Celtic knot as I love the intricate stylised patterns used by ancient Celts.  My pottery is decorated with iron oxides and glazed with lead free stoneware glazes.

I am still inspired by my walks with my beautiful dog Tess. I really hope you will enjoy browsing my shop, and that you will find something you love.  However, if you would like something bespoke I would be happy to discuss what you have in mind; just send me a message on the enquiry form on the home page.

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